What a wedding photographer does 

The job of the Lake Como photographer is very important, as he has the task of capturing the most beautiful and significant moments of the big day, to create lasting memories. The job of the wedding photographer starts long before the wedding day, as it is important to discuss with the couple their needs, in order to make everything perfect. The photographer, therefore, needs to be familiar with the locations, so that he or she can plan the shooting angle and choose the best spots to capture the most significant moments. The photographer must also be able to take group photos with family, friends and guests, so as to capture all the happy and important moments. After the wedding, he selects the best photos and makes any corrections or improvements, such as colour correction or cropping of the image. Then, the photos are given to the couple so that they can remember their special day forever.

Lake Como photographer: who to contact 

The job of a Lake Como photographer requires advanced technical skills, a good knowledge of locations and time management, and the ability to capture emotional moments and work with people. To rely on a professional you can turn to Alessandro Della Savia, who over the years has become a real point of reference in the area. The photographer captures, with care and seriousness, every moment of the special day, I believe immortal memories. The aim, in fact, is to reflect, with his photos, the emotions of the big day, allowing all the participants to relive them even years later. Finally, the photographic studio offers its customers various packages to choose from, depending on the organisation of the event and their own needs and requirements. The photographer can be there to document every moment, from the bride and groom’s preparation to the ceremony, the wedding party and everything else. 

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